The Keg - Vaughan Mills Location Review

My boyfriend and I went to the Keg recently to celebrate my birthday. This seems like an annual event or even bi-annual event for the two of us. This time, we went to the one close to Vaughn Mills in Toronto. We were having an early dinner and it was actually better because we did not have a reservation.

For drinks, I got a raspberry lemonade, which was delicious and they just had the right amount of gin in there. Most of the time when I order drinks from fancy restaurants, they tend to put too much alcohol in your drinks. Raymond got a Muskoka beer.

For appetizers, we got the crab bisque to share and they split it into two bowls for us. The soup bisque was delicious and it was just the right amount with the warm bread that is always served. Every single time I go to these restaurants and I order appetizers, I feel like I'm over ordering. But not this time!

For mains, I got the fillet mignon with sweet potato fries and Raymond got the shrimp and scallop sirloin with a double-baked potato (his favourite). It was delicious! My fillet mignon was more tender than his sirloin. However, his sirloin has crab, shrimps, scallop and this amazing blue cheese sauce over it. The best part was that the blue cheese wasn't very strong because Raymond doesn't really like strong cheeses. There were also a few peppers and asparagus that came with the meal.

We did not get desserts as we were too full.

1. Environment - 4.5
2. Drinks - 4.5
3. Meal - 5
4. Price - $$$
5. Service - 4
Overall - 4.5

Overall, I really enjoy going to the Keg especially this one. The fillet mignon NEVER fails me. We love going at this time of the year because they have the crab special. So we definitely recommend it!

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