Yamamoto Japanese Cuisine 山本盛世 Review

My boyfriend and I visited the newly opened Yamamoto Japanese Restaurant at Market Village last night. It was a wonderful experience. I suggest that if you're planning to go to either reserve a spot or go at an earlier time. We went at 5pm right when they first started their dinner. The lady told us that there was a 2 hr limit sitting time.

Since this was an all you can eat restaurant, we didn't have high expectations. However, we were mildly surprised by the quality of the food. We loved the sashimi as it was some of the best that we've ever had. The maki rolls were amazing. For an AYCE, the spider roll was defintiely the best that we've tried so far.
The sirloin beef cubes were also delicious. We definitely recommend this restaurant for people to try out!

1. Environment - 3.5
2. Food - 4 (For AYCE, this place is actually one of the best I've tried)
3. Dessert/Drinks - 3.5
4. Price - $$1/2 (For AYCE, this is slightly pricier)
5. Service - 4.5 (Very attentive servers.. a little too attentive at times)
Overall - 4 - One of the better AYCE that I've tried and would love to go back sometime

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