Phil's BBQ Review

On our last day in San Diego, my boyfriend's cousins took us to Phil's BBQ for dinner. It was an interesting restaurant that combined the idea of fast food style ordering with restaurant-esque seating and environment.

We lined up and previewed the menu while waiting to be called to the cashier to order. After ordering we would receive a buzzer which would buzz when our food is ready to be picked up. Ordering was quick and simple and the wait was not too long.

We ordered the Half-rack of ribs and the Chick-less chicken (boneless chicken) with a corn on the cob and fresh cut fries. In comparison to Kelsey's or Montana's, this was definitely better. However, I wouldn't say that it taste any different than your regular BBQ ribs. For the price you pay though, this is a good deal and the food is decent for that price.

The environment was very relaxed and there weren't that many servers around, but since it was mostly self-served, that was fine.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience and would love to go back mainly due to the affordable price.

1) Environment - 3.5
2) Drinks & Dessert - 3 - I only ordered coke and you can refill as many times as you want
3) Food - 3.5
4) Price - $ - approx $10-$15 for an entree
5) Service - 2.5
Overall - 4 - for the price you pay, I believe this is definitely a good deal with decent food.

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