Eiffel Tower Restaurant Review

Prior to our Las Vegas trip, I looked up some expensive restaurants that I definitely want to try out. Paris Eiffel Tower Restaurant popped up top of the list and after reading reviews on it from Urbanspoon, I was ready to book a spot.

I decided to book dinner for around 5:30pm on a Monday because I wanted to guarantee a window spot so we can watch the Bellagio water show from our spot. We arrived at 5pm right when the restaurant opened and we were surprised to see that several people have already arrived as well (I guess early dinner).

My boyfriend ordered an Ohio-brewed beer, which costs around $25. Obviously, I was slightly shocked, but it is what you expect at a fancy restaurant in Las Vegas.

Once we were seated, we were ecstatic about the view. The servers were friendly and helpful and the environment was very nice. It took us a while to order, but we ended up trying the tasting menu as we felt that it had the best items from the menu. It was essentially a seven-course meal (at the time we didn't realize and we thought we were going to get bite-sized portions). The tasting menu was around $120 per person before tax and tip. We also upgraded to get a Souffle because my boyfriend has never had one before. You can also get an extra dish with cheese sampling. However, we didn't because we decided we were going to be too full. For the tasting menu, click here.

Although the first dish was kind of a disappointment, the other dishes definitely made up for it! It was one of the best meals we've ever had! Our favourite dish was the seared scallops, which you can get as an appetizer if you decide not to go with the tasting menu. However, we HIGHLY recommend it because it allowed us to try everything we wanted from their menu.

Overall, I loved the restaurant from the environment to the service and the food. However, I do recommend coming on a weekday as I expect it to be extremely busy during the weekends. We hope to come back in the near future, but because of the price and the number of restaurants on the Strip, we probably won't anytime soon :)

1) Environment - 4.5
2) Drinks & Dessert - 5 - loved the creme brulee and the pistachio souffle!
3) Food - 5
4) Price - $$$$ - approx $50-$80 for an entree
5) Service - 4.5
Overall - 5

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  1. french cuisine and a great view over Vegas, both are going well together, though quite pricey, but you are not every day dinning and wining in such surroundings, enjoy it its pure luxury



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