Spring Rolls All You Can Eat Review

After work one day, I was craving sushi and since we were near Eaton Centre, we decided to check out the All You Can Eat at Spring Rolls on Dundas.

We've been to that Spring Rolls many times and they have added a new fountain in the middle of the restaurant, which was a nice touch and added to the ambiance. We went on a weekday in the late afternoon so it wasn't super busy.

For dinner, the buffet was approximately $22 per person. However, you can add an extra $5 for special additional items such as Mango Sticky Rice and other yummy desserts. We didn't do it because we felt that we weren't going to eat enough for it to be worthwhile. Now looking back at that menu, I should have just splurged.

The appetizer type foods were good such as the Tornado Roll, the fried calamari, and the sashimi was not bad. The pad thai and curry with rice was the usual that they serve for the entrees and it was in a nice small sized portion. The sushi was acceptable, however, not great and I've definitely had better at other all you can eat restaurants. I was satisfied with the quality of the food until I got to the dimsum. The siu mai and har gow was terrible and I understand that this is not a Chinese restaurant, but I expected slightly better quality even for an all you can eat.

Our server was quite attentive and the food came out relatively fast. They did forget our edamame beans once, but then we reordered it, so it was not a big deal.

Overall, the experience was okay. It was definitely not the best all you can eat restaurant and I definitely preferred other ones to this. However, I'm glad I tried this so I'll stop wondering how Spring Rolls' AYCE compares to other AYCE.

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