Extraordinary Desserts Review

After having dinner at Phil's BBQ, we decided to go to Extraordinary Desserts for dinner. This cafe is located in Downtown San Diego.

We waited for around 15-20 minutes in line to be seated. The environment was very nice and the service was excellent. The servers were very attentive and remembered everything that we wanted (including how many cold/hot waters).

The desserts were delicious and rich. I ordered the bread pudding, which turned out to be wayyyy too filling than I expected. For the price you paid, this is definitely a good place to head. My boyfriend ordered a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake, which was delicious as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the desserts we had and would love to return.

1) Environment - 4
2) Drinks - N/A - we didn't order any drinks
3) Food/Desserts - 4.5
4) Price - $$ - approx $10-$15 for a dessert
5) Service - 4
Overall - 4.5

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