Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steak House Review

On the second day of our trip to California, my boyfriend's uncle brought us to the Gaslamp district in downtown San Diego. We ate at a Brazilian steak house called Rei Do Gado. It was essentially a Brazilian grill buffet.

Servers would come to your table with grilled meat on a stick and they would slice the number of pieces you want. It was definitely an interesting experience. We tried around 10 different types of grilled meat including ribs, ham, chicken, steak and etc. My favourite was definitely the cheddar chicken. I mean, who can say no to cheese baked with chicken.

They also have a salad bar, other cooked dishes and a fruit/dessert bar. The food there was more fresh than I expected and they had a relatively good selection even though we went during lunch.

The price was a deal for the quality of the food and the service. Lunch price was approximately 20 dollars, whereas dinner would be around $50.

Therefore, I would suggest coming for late lunch and early dinner.

1) Environment - 4
2) Drinks & Dessert - 3.5
3) Food - 4.5
4) Price - $$1/2 - approx $18 for lunch
5) Service - 4
Overall - 4

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