BURGR - Gordon Ramsey Restaurant Review

During our trip to Las Vegas, my boyfriend and I spotted the Gordon Ramsey BURGR restaurant inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Since we're burger fanatics, we were definitely going to try it out during our stay in LV.

On our last day, we decided to go and check the place out. We waited in line for approximately 20 minutes before getting seated. There were tons of burgers to choose from and we both ended up choosing the same one (probably because of the name) - Hell's Kitchen. What is more fitting to get at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant than that?

The wait for our food was approximately 45 minutes, which was longer than what we expected. It was a good-sized burger, however, I feel like I've had better buns on my burger before. The patty was tasteful, however, it wasn't extraordinary. In my honest opinion, I wouldn't say that it is better than a Five Guys Burger. The onion rings we got were delicious and obviously the portion was too big for the two of us to finish.

Overall, we enjoyed our first experience at a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant. This was a lot cheaper than what we expected for the environment. However, it is definitely more expensive than your normal burger chain. You're looking at around 10-15 dollars for your burger. Although we will probably not be returning to this restaurant, we are looking forward to trying our some other GR restaurants.

1) Environment - 4
2) Drinks & Dessert - N/A - we didn't order drinks or dessert at this restaurant
3) Food - 3
4) Price - $ - approx $20 for meal
5) Service - 3
Overall - 3.5

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