Sushi Queen Izakaya Review

My boyfriend and I went to Sushi Queen Izakaya after work one weekday evening. As I'm always up for some good sushi, colleagues recommended Sushi Queen Izakaya. For a weekday evening, I was surprised to see that the restaurant had more than ten customers. I thought to myself that this is a good sign of their quality. We were sat down at a lovely window side booth seat where we could look out into the street.

We decided to order two bento boxes as we were quite hungry. I noticed that the menu has various number of options that were good deals and they have the essential soft shell crab roll/ spider roll!

We ordered:
1) Ichiban Maki Set ($13.50) - Dynamite roll, spicy tuna, B.B.Q. eel roll. 
2) McCaul ($21.95) - Shrimp & vegetable tempura. sashimi 8pcs, sushi 4pcs, spider roll 4pcs. choice of chicken, salmon, beef, B.B.Q. shrimp, kalbi beef, 2pcs rack of lamb 

As you might know, I always want to try their spider roll and that is one of the main ways I judge the quality of Japanese restaurants.

The Bento boxes came with a small salad and miso soup, which is usually how it is at most Japanese restaurants.

I enjoyed the dinner, however, I definitely had better sushi before. The sashimi or salmon used was not fresh and their sashimi had a very thick cut. I prefer my sashimi to be slightly thinner. The spider roll was average, but definitely better than other places I've tried at the same price point.

1) Environment - 3.5
2) Drinks, Appetizers & Desserts - 3
3) Meal - 3.5
4) Price - $$
5) Service - 3.5
Overall - 3.5

I enjoyed the dinner, however, I don't think I will be coming back very often, unless I am in the area.


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