Moxie Grill & Bar - Square One Review

Few weeks ago my friends and I went to the Moxie Grill & Bar Square One location as a farewell dinner for my friend who is moving to India. We went around 6:30pm for an early dinner (not that early). When we got there, there were not more seats so we left them with our name and number. Within 20 mins we got a call saying our table would be ready in 5 mins. This is probably first time where I went to a popular restaurant within a mall on a busy Saturday night and not have to wait for more than 30 mins.

The staff was super friendly and our waitress was really on top of it! She gave excellent recommendations on what we should get for drinks and our mains. She even poured out the beers for the guys. It is surprising to see such efficient service at chain restaurants. I think some chains have to step up their game!

Since I was getting a little sick, I did not order any drinks but I did request a cup of hot water which she bought it in a nice teapot. The two guys order beers.

I ordered their the braised short rib stuffed burger by Alex Chan. This was served with caramelized onions, truffle aioli and baby arugula and comes with a side caesar salad. Moxie always has the most amazing burgers and this one was not an exception! The braised short rib was soft and well-grilled. For me, caramelized onions are the perfect pairing as I love them.

My boyfriend ordered the chicken enchildas and it was delicious as well according to him. I didn't have a chance to try it as I was enjoying my own burger too much. Another friend ordered the Ricotta Stuffed Gnocchi in a rich tomato sauce with crisp asparagus spears, green peas and extra virgin olive oil. Since she's vegetarian, there weren't that many options for her, which I think was the only down side.
Obviously for dessert, we also ordered white chocolate brownie, who wouldn't? This is a signature dish at Moxie's and I always order it! At this location, it tastes just as awesome!

Overall, I really enjoyed this dinner and has definitely increased my expectations for the other Moxie's.

1) Environment - 3.5
2) Drinks, Desserts - 4.5
3) Main - 4 (just because they didn't have that many vegetarian options)
4) Price - $$
5) Service - 5
Overall - 4

Will definitely try to return to this location in the future.


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