Fushimi Authentic Japanese Cuisine Review

My boyfriend and I went to Fushimi two weeks ago during the week. Fushimi replaced my favourite Japanese restaurant, A Taste of Japan, at Steeles and Woodbine. I was very upset at the time. However, after recommendations from a friend, we decided to give this restaurant a try. Although it was not up to par with a Taste of Japan, the food did not disappoint us!

For an All You Can Eat restaurant, it was fairly busy on a Wednesday and they have a wide variety of food. They had this seasonal menu and we tried almost everything on it! You were only allow to order one serving of some of the items on the seasonal menu. For example, the fresh oysters. If you ordered more, there would have been an extra charge.

According to my boyfriend, the fresh oysters on the seasonal menu was delicious! We definitely recommend it. My favourite dish at the restaurant was definitely the Salmon Ceviche, which is a seared salmon. I highly recommend most of the items on the Chef's Recommendation List as we tried almost all the items and they were some of our favourites. We recommend the Japanese Baked Mussels, the Salmon Tartar, and Mutton Kebab.

The desserts were nothing that we haven't tried before at an all you can eat and they were nothing special.

In terms of the decorations, it did not change much from the Taste of Japan decorations. However, they did repaint the wall and replaced some of the plates and utensils.

1) Environment - 3
2) Drinks & Dessert - 3.5
3) Food - 4
4) Price - $$1/2 - approx $21 for dinner on weekdays
5) Service - 3.5
Overall - 3.5

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