Jalapenos Mexican Food Review

My boyfriend's cousin took us to Jalapenos, which she said had more authentic Mexican food than On the Border so we wanted to give this a try.

We ordered a California Burrito (beef cheese and fries), some California fries and some other tacos that I can't remember what they're called :P Sorry! They also offer you nachos and salsa for free

I absolutely fell in love with the California Burrito that we had to go back a second time before we left San Diego. It was probably one of the BEST burritos I've ever had. The California fries were delicious as well. Their fries are EXTRA crispy and I believe that put extra batter on them to make it that way.

The environment was similar to a regular fast food chain with outside seating. I would recommend sitting outside if you don't like dirty seats and tables.

Although this was a SUPER unhealthy meal, I definitely do not regret going (even twice)!

1) Environment - 2
2) Drinks & Dessert - 3 - ordered this sweet drink called Horchata
3) Food - 4.5
4) Price - $ - approx $20 for meal
5) Service - 3.5
Overall - 4 - since this is a fast food type restaurant, I will give it an overall 4 because environment and service should be weighed less for this type of establishments.

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