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My boyfriend and I decided to go to a local restaurant called Lone Star that we've passed by for years and never stepped in. The location is at Yonge St. and 16th Avenue for all those that live in Toronto. We went on a Friday night and we waited around 10 mins for our table. I was excited that we got a booth seat!

We started by looking at the drinks. After a few minutes, I realized that you can have "Texas" size in almost every single item on the menu. "Texas" size pretty much means supersize.

I got a sweet alcoholic cocktail (that I forgot the name of) and Raymond got a beer. We signed up for their e-mail newsletters so we got a free appetizer up to $9.99 in value. Therefore, we chose the calamari. The calamaris were delicious with the sauce they provided. We also got chips and salsa on the side (free). My boyfriend loved it so much that we had to get refills. You can literally get full on just chips and salsa!

We then ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fajitas and the Mesquite-Smoked Pork Back Ribs. We were naive and thought that we would be able to finish all the food. We were extremely wrong. We finished all the Fajitas, however we only ate half of the ribs and had to bring the rest home. At least now you know it's good enough to bring home!

The Buffalo Fajitas comes with grilled peppers & onions, Mexican rice, saddle beans, Cheddar cheese, sour cream, our own guacamole, Pico de Gallo and of course, plenty of fresh-baked tortillas. These are all free to refill except the chicken!

Our server was excellent and gave some good recommendations for our orders. He was very enthusiastic and always came at a good time to help us refill our tortillas. Overall, I felt that we had a very good experience and since my boyfriend gave a 18% tip, I think he liked it a lot too.

1) Environment - 3.5 (They had some pretty loud crowds and 3 Birthdays with a lot of yelling)
2) Drinks & Appetizers - 4 (My drink was REALLY sweet, but the free appetizer made up for it)
3) Meal - 4
5) Price - $$
6) Service - 4.5
Overall - 4

We would definitely be coming back!

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