George's At the Cove Review

During our trip in San Diego, we visited the famouns La Jolla beach area and we decided to have lunch at a popular patio area that looked out onto the beach - George's. There were long line ups for the restaurant and we were lucky that we got seated very quickly as we got there for an early lunch.

The restaurant was very full and it was definitely hard to get around within the restaurant, however, we got a seat by the window looking out into ocean/beach. The restaurant design was very sleek and simple.

The menu items were all very healthy with a large emphasis on salads, wraps and sandwiches. I felt that it offered many options and it was very difficult for me to pick what I want. I ended up ordering the "Poached Chicken Salad" instead of the "Tuna Melt".

I ended up loving not only the service but also the presentation and how fresh the food was.

Overall, I would definitely recommend George's At the Cove to anyone that is interested.

1) Environment - 4
2) Drinks - N/A - we didn't order any drinks
3) Food/Desserts - 4.5
4) Price - $$ - approx $10-$15 per person for lunch
5) Service - 4
Overall - 4.5

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