Toronto Winterlicious 2013 - Bymark

On Saturday (January 26th, 2013), my boyfriend and I had our annual Winterlicious dinner. We usually have it at Canoe, but this year, we decided to change things up a bit and have it at Bymark. In general, they had this really nice ambiance. It was still relatively busy for a Saturday night considering this place is located right in the core of the financial district. Below is the menu for Winterlicious 2013:

This is my appetizer - Gravlax, which is smoked salmon with horse radish yogurt

This is my main - Cobia Filet - I thought it was a little salty but all in all, this was very tasty!

Pumpkin Cake dessert (the best part of the meal) and my Honey Sour Cocktail, which was way too alcoholic for me

1. Atmosphere/Environment - 4
2. Food - 4.5
3. Drinks/Dessert - 4.5
4. Price - $$$ (except its winterlicious so $$)
5. Service - 4
OVERALL: 4.5 out of 5

Would definitely recommend the restaurant to try for their Toronto Summerlicious or Winterlicious menu, however, I would not recommend coming back during regular time as this place will be super pricey (unless you are celebrating a special event). 

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